Refund Policy

All items (except mattresses) are returnable as long the criteria below are followed:

You may return the product for any reason within 30 days from receipt of purchase. Items must be unused, unwashed and in the original packaging.

Bedding is a personal item, and thus it must not be used or laundered to qualify for a return. "Used" is defined as any length of time you, or anyone else, have personally used the product, which can be determined by evidence of laundering, personal odors, or fibers such as hair or dirt.

We strongly recommend keeping the item you intend to return in its box and far away from any strong smelling scents including: perfume/cologne, plug-in air fresheners, strongly scented hand creams or soaps, and other perfumed body care products. Any product returned with a 'personal odor' will be considered 'used' and not be eligible for return. Thank you for remembering that we are a small company and are not able to resell bedding that has been returned used.

We are prohibited, by law, from reselling used bedding: therefore, it is imperative that you comply with this law by not using the product in question that you wish to return. Thank you.

You may return an unused Latex Topper wrapped in it’s original packaging, however, there will be a 25% restocking fee.

How To Return An Item:

1) Simply Contact Us to receive an Return Authorization Code (RA#).

2) We recommend choosing a shipping option that provides a tracking system, and are not responsible for un-trackable return shipments that are lost in transit. UPS is the fastest shipper in our area. Customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.

3) Fold the item neatly and place it in the same box. Include your name and RA#. Be sure to tape all box seams.
We will notify you via email as soon as your return is received.

 The Inspection Process & Return of Funds:

We notify you via email as soon as your return is received. Please allow 5-10 business days for us to inspect and process your return.

All bedding will go through an inspection before a refund is authorized. If it has been determined that the item has been used or laundered, a refund will not be issued. "Used" is defined as any length of time you have personally used the product.

Additionally, if the bedding has picked up strong smells from your home, then the return will be VOID. This list includes: perfume/cologne, plug-in air fresheners, hand-creams, hand soaps, smoke, and any other strongly smelling household odor. This is due to our policy in determining used products, but also because we are very cautious to not interfere with any of our customers' sensitive allergies, and we thank you for understanding.

If your return has been voided, you will have the option of having it shipped back to you at your own cost if the item does not pass the inspection process.

Mattress Returns:

We NEVER accept returns for used mattresses, foundations and bed-frames, unless defective.
NO RETURNS on any unused mattresses except the All Wool Mattress, which has a 15% restocking fee. All other mattress are ALL SALES FINAL.

Unused is defined as: Unwrapped and in the original packaging.

Clearance Items:

All sales from the Clearance List are final.
All items are sold “As Is”- no refunds will be issued on Clearance List items.

Custom Items:

No custom order cancellations, no returns on custom items and all sales final. We triple check our measurements and dimensions against your requests and/or template you provide, so these items are nonrefundable.