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Sustainably Sourced Bedding

Organic Bassinet Mattress

Organic Bassinet Mattress

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Perfectly Breathable, Chemical-Free Safe Comfort for Infants

This sustainable ethical all natural mattress pad is the most breathable mattress you can find. Our Premium Eco Wool helps regulate your infant’s body temperature naturally by keeping her at the perfect temperature. Also, wool does not ignite. Wool is naturally flame resistant and offers a greater level of fire safety than other fibers.  Our wool mattress contains zero fire retardant chemicals. The beauty of wool!

Handmade in the USA with 100% Premium Eco Wool batting and covered with 100% Organic Cotton Canvas, creating a firm and safe natural mattress. Measures 18" x 35" x 2.5"

Each mattress is made with lots of local love! Made in the USA.
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