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Sustainably Sourced Bedding

Holy Lamb Organics All Season Comforter

Holy Lamb Organics All Season Comforter

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Discover the ultimate in comfort with Holy Lamb Organic's All-Season Comforter, proudly Made In The USA. Experience the versatility of two ethically manufactured organic comforters seamlessly combined into one all season bedding solution.  Each comforter is slightly lighter than our Cool Comfort weight. Join the layers together during colder months for added warmth and separate them as temperatures rise. Indulge in the unparalleled comfort of sustainably sourced Premium Eco-Wool encased in an Organic Cotton Sateen shell. Hand-tufted and stitched around the perimeter, the wool batting remains securely in place, providing consistent warmth and coziness night after night. Fits inside a duvet cover with ease.  The natural temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties of wool ensure a restful night's sleep in any season with our Holy Lamb Organic All-Season Comforter.

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